To go below the surface of things

Artistic statement

Founded in 2013, Lilith & Cie is devoted to the research, creation and dissemination of Artistic Director and choreographer Aurélie Pedron’s works. Her art is situated at the intersection of performance, choreography and installation. The company’s primary mandate is to create spaces that reinvent relational possibilities, offering singular experiences of the concept of whole and interdependency.

Movement is embodied and active in the contiguous ideas, actions and reactions of the performers and audiences engaging in the work. Aurélie choreographs through understanding how movement operates and building systems for regulation. The art becomes a structured framework so that it can “hold” in and of itself. The system-work can self-regulate through relationship and with integrated interactive interfaces.

Choreographic practice reflects the personal and collective body. At the heart of the Aurélie’s concerns: presence, encounter and difference (social, cultural or other). Including people with non-normative lives relative to Western standards is one of the company’s foundations. Lilith & Cie wishes to actively participate in improving society overall.

Aurélie Pedron

Photo: Jean François Paré

Aurélie Pedron founded her company Lilith & Cie in 2013, creating sites for her installation performances, where performers’ bodies transmit meaning and reveal invisible images. Presented by Tangente in 2014, ENTRE is a nanoperformance for one audience member at a time, and became the company’s masterwork, earning a Prix de la danse de Montréal, in the revelation category. In 2016, with Danse-Cité, Pedron created LA LOBA, a choreographic journey with 12 live installations in the former Deaf-Blind Institute building in Montréal. ANTICHAMBRE, an immersive work where movement is at the heart of the spectator’s experience, was presented at l’Agora de la danse in 2019. INVISIBLE, a 72-hour uninterrupted dance performance, was programmed in the 2021 OFFTA, coproduced with Montréal Danse and Danse-Cité.

In parallel, fed by a social and inclusive ethic, Aurélie Pedron collaborates with marginalized youth. She created the microperformances RÛE and MARGE (2014–2015) with them, supported by the Montréal-based multidisciplinary artist centre DARE-DARE. In 2016, INDEEP, was a 10-hour performance with 10 blindfolded youth offering a transformative and fascinating performance that confronted our gaze on a social body operating without landmarks and normative codes. DANS LE CŒUR DU HÉRON, initially programmed in the 2020 OFFTA, was created in collaboration with Simiuni Nauya, Inuit sculptor, and presented at the Musée d’art de Rouyn-Nouranda in 2021.

Lilith & Cie is supported by the Conseil des arts de Montréal, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Canada Arts Council. 

Lilith in History

Her name’s diverse etymologies (Hebrew and Sumerian) relate to night and wind.

“Lilith, the night. Objectified figure of the unfulfilled, in other words, the unconscious that humanity would project into existence in the form of a feminine character throughout the ages, while, in fact, it resides within the night of its interiority.” Annick De Souzenelle

Under the auspices of this archetype, Lilith & Cie invites us to reclaim embodiment, perceive the untellable, and move beyond sensory understanding.